CFP: Edwidge Danticat Society Co-sponsors “Woman Thinking” Panel at ALA

The Edwidge Danticat Society will be involved in a second panel at the ALA, which we are co-sponsoring. The panel “Woman Thinking: Public Intellectualism in U.S. Periodical Culture” responds to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s description of the ideal citizen as “man thinking” and seeks to draw attention to the ways that women have contributed, through their many vibrant contributions publications in periodicals, to public intellectualism in the U.S. We were pleased to be asked to co-sponsor this panel because of the many contributions that Edwidge Danticat has made to periodicals, especially in her work as a contributor to the New Yorker.

The Edwidge Danticat Society encourages submissions that thoughtfully examine Danticat’s contributions to the rich history of public intellectualism in American Literature. The CFP can be found here.

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