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  1. It has been a real pleasure running into this website. First, please allow me to convey my deepest admiration to your group for the “Boarders of lights” creation and initiative. Such commemorative events and international exchanges between Haiti and the Dominican Republic are long overdue. For many reasons, people on both sides of the island don’t know that much about the history of their own country. That gives books like “Farmers of bones” and authors like Miss Edwige Danticat an additional reason to deserve the best appreciation. . Most Haitians have chosen to have a “selective memory” of those sad events that occurred on the borders between those two neighboring countries in October 1937. In the privacy of their homes, however, they tell their children and grand-children stories on how the Dominican may be unpredictable. Most Dominicans- above all those under seventy- aren’t aware of what the then-government of the United States (including the American Ambassador) called: “genocide” that took place seventy-eight years ago in their country against an unarmed civilian population… As a Haitian (by birth) of Dominican origins, I can talk by experience that this acknowledgement of the past might be a beginning for a prosperous and long time peaceful co-existence between the two countries. Those events could be a catalyst for regulated trade and an opportunity for meaningful international businesses.
    Further, most Haitian scholars have concluded that without the 2012 international exchange, the creation of the “Borders of Lights” and other similar efforts to permit communication and understanding between people of both countries; the TC-128-13 could have the same disastrous effects than the 1930’s Dominican “ultra-nationalism” movement to get rid of those neighbors from “African origins”. You have been successful on all four…

    1. Thank you, dear Max, for your insights and appreciation. The Border of Lights organization was not started by us, but we, and Edwidge Danticat also, believe in their mission.

  2. Good morning, I run a Latin America & Caribbean culture club and the focus is to help globally minded and social conscious focus individuals develop a more holistic understanding of every nation from the region thru the lens of their respective cultural norms and socio- cultural practices.

    For the month of May, the focus is all on Haiti and I would love to have Edwidge as one of our guest to help us understand some of the cultural norms and ways of being instilled in her as a child that she decided are important to pass on to her children.

    The calls are virtual on Sundays and they are about 1 hour long.

    Kindly give me the contact information so I can provide more details.

    Looking forward to the possibilities.


    We would include your information in our resource guide for current and future members.

    I have attached one of our visuals so you can get an overview of what the club is about.

    Let me know.

    Looking forward to the possibilities

  3. Hi.. My name is Claudia Shea. I work for the TV station operated by the School District of Palm Beach County. I wanted to share a video link with Edwidge. This is the story we produced following her visit, last week, at Barton Elementary School. Thanks!

    This is the You Tube link

    You have our permission to share this story in its entirety

  4. Hello,
    I am a former Assistant-Prosecutor from Port-au-Prince. I came to the U.S. two weeks before the 2010 earthquake and starting over by going back to school and I have a graduate degree in criminal justice. In consideration of many works that Ms. Danticat had published on the tragedy of people, I am wondering whether the society would be interested in publishing about the impacts of criminal justice on minorities children in the U.S.? Currently, I have a draft that I am working on.
    Thank you;

  5. My name is Victoria, I’m from Haiti I live in Brooklyn and I am a risen senior at Clara Barton high school, and on the last day of class my global teacher gave me one of your books ” brother il dying as reward for my good work during the year, and he wrote as dedicace “I see edwidge Danticat in you” And I have just finished to read your book, and in the end my passion to write increase a lot, I have started with my own book, I really want to publish my book I don’t know what to do Sometimes people tell me that I’m too young to publish my book, but I feel writing is a part of me and I think age should not be a limit to my dream…. It would be a dream come true if you give me some advice and help me reach my dream

    1. Hello Victoria,

      We are a group devoted to studying and teaching the author Edwidge Danticat. Unfortunately, you have not reached the author here. It is good to hear that you are a budding writer. Keep up the good work, and best of luck with your craft!

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