CFP Archive

Members, please contact us if you are planning to attend a conference and you would like to convene a panel on Danticat’s work on behalf of the society, as we can approve your CFP and promote it to members for submissions.

CFP-EDS-@-NeMLA-2018-1.pdf (13 downloads)


CFP: Narrating History, Home, and Nation: Critical Essays on Edwidge Danticat (89 downloads)


EDS at SAMLA 2017 (87 downloads)


EDS at ALA-2017.pdf (136 downloads)


EDS at SAMLA 2016.pdf (269 downloads)


ALA-2016-EDS-on-Woman-Thinking.pdf (350 downloads)


EDS at ALA 2016 (359 downloads)


EDS at MELUS 2015 (319 downloads)