Breath, Eyes, Memory(novel, 1994)




KrikKrakKrik? Krak!  (stories, 1996)





TheFarmingOfBonesThe Farming of Bones  (novel, 1998)





Behind the Mountains BehindTheMountains
(young adult novel, 2002, part of the First Person Fiction series)





After the Dance: A Walk Through Carnival in Jacmel, HaitiAfterTheDance
(Travel Book 2002)





 The Dew Breaker  (novel­-in­-stories,2004)TheDewBreaker





Anacaona: Golden Flower, Haiti, 1490 Anacaona
(young adult novel, 2005, part of ​ The Royal Diaries ​ series)





Brother, I’m Dying  (memoir/social criticism, 2007) Brother





TheButterflyThe Butterfly’s Way  (anthology editor)





Create Dangerously: The Immigrant Artist at WorkCreateDangerously
(essay collection, 2010)





Tent Life: Haiti (essay contributor, 2011)TentLife





Haiti Noir (anthology editor, 2011)Haiti





Best American Essays, 2011 (anthology editor, October 2011)BestAmerican






ClaireOftheClaire of the Sea Light (novel, August 2013)






Untitled-1Mama’s Nightingale ​(picture book, upcoming September 1, 2015)






Untwine (young adult novel, upcoming October 2015) Untwinte





Short stories:


  • Poto Mitan – Writer/Narrator, 2009
  • Girl Rising (Haiti) – Writer/Narrator, 2013