The aim of the Edwidge Danticat Society is to encourage and sponsor the study of the works—literary and activist—of Edwidge Danticat. The society recognizes and supports valuable grassroots and scholarly work-in-progress and strives to create further opportunities for publication of critical, creative, and pedagogical projects addressing Danticat’s oeuvre.

Executive Board Members:

Megan Feifer, President
PhD Candidate
Louisiana State University, Department of English

Dr. Maia L. Butler, Vice President/Secretary
Assistant Professor
University of North Carolina, Wilmington, Department of English

Advisory Board Members:

Dr. Maria Rice Bellamy, Associate Professor
College of Staten Island, CUNY, Department of English

Dr. Jana Evans Braziel, Western College Endowed Professor
Miami Ohio University, Global and Intercultural Studies Department Chair

Dr. Nadège T. Clitandre, Assistant Professor
University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of Global and International Studies

Dr. J. Michael Dash, Professor
New York University, Department of French

Dr. Joanna Davis-McElligatt, Associate Professor
University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Department of English

Ms. Norrell Edwards, Doctoral Candidate
University of Maryland, College Park, Department of English

Dr. Alicia Ellis, Assistant Professor
Colby College, Department of German and Russian

Dr. Angeletta KM Gourdine, Associate Professor
Louisiana State University, Department of English

Ms. Shylah Hamilton, Lecturer
California College of the Arts, First Year & Diversity Studies Programs

Dr. Carine Mardorossian, Professor
University at Buffalo, Department of English


American Literature Association

South Atlantic Modern Languages Association

Friends of the Edwidge Danticat Society:

Center for Black Studies Research at UCSB

Border of Lights